Moderne lijsten Amsterdam

Methods and restoration works

Every piece of art offered to Krutzmann will be thoroughly examined. We offer specialized services in cleaning or restoration if necessary. We work together with renowned conservators of both oil paintings and works on paper.

Gilding & colouring
In our  workshop on the Prinsengracht we make bespoke frames out of a variety of high quality wood. A choice can be made from maple, cherry wood, walnut and beech. After thorough preparation the frame will firstly be chalked, then coloured or gilded and then polished. Specifically the chalking of the frame, the gilding in gold and white gold and the choice of ground colour requires the necessary craftsmanship and experience.

On paper
Artworks on paper will be attached to an acid free base after having the old glue carefully removed, the paper renovated and cleaned. With a thin layer of homemade wheat glue and the hairs of Japanese paper the artwork is placed on the acid free underground.

Oil paintings
Some oil paintings can be framed freely, others cannot. Depending on size, quality and presentation, the best framing solution will be found for the artwork.

Krutzmann works for professional photographers. This experience has led to the ability to provide both the professional and the amateur with sound advice in choosing the right background and the right frame to create the best possible artwork presentation.