Ouderwetse lijsten Amsterdam

Krützmann, since 1970

Founder Ton Krützmann started framing in his own house in 1970. From here he developed craftsmanship, quality and customized frames and grew into a successful and competitive framing company meeting the finest museum standards.

Over the past decades Krützmann has developed a self-designed collection of frames of special profiles and compositions. This collection is based on our own choices as well as the wishes of our customers.

Our motto ‘everything is possible’ has always been and will be the cornerstone of our philosophy and work. As there are limitless options for you to choose from a skilled team will assist you in finding the best framing solution for your artwork.

The showroom and workshop have moved from the Keizersgracht, where Krutzmann started, to the Prinsengracht, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The wishes of our clients are still at the centre of our business, whether it is a museum, artist, corporate or private client, we will create the best framing solution for your.

Krutzmann will give your artwork the best possible frame. Your artwork deserves a Krützmann frame!